Olympias Sea Trials

Based on Poros (an island approx. 30 miles south of Athens).

1987 (First Series)
Highly experimental. Featured in BBC documentary. Crew: mostly British. Longest voyage: circuit of Poros (1 day)
1988 (Second Series)
Modified oars - now with counterweights. Crew: 2/3 British, 1/3 American, some Irish. Longest voyage: to Methana then circuit of Poros (1 day).
1990 (Third Series)
Most existing speed records set during this trip. Crew: 1/2 British, 1/2 American, also some Dutch. Longest voyage: around coast to Porto Heli (5 days).
1992 (Fourth Series)
Longest voyage achieved (and first trireme passage of the Corinth canal). Crew: 2/3 British, 1/3 American (only 90% capacity). Longest voyage: Corinth, via Aegina and Salamis (6 days).
1993 (London)
Participation in Democracy 2000 Celebrations on Thames, i.e. lots of PR, not much proper rowing. Based in Putney, then Tower Bridge. Crew: 2/3 British, 1/3 American (only 70% capacity).
1994 (Fifth Series)
Mostly PR purposes: Channel 4 and Greek film crews. Crew: mostly British (only 70% capacity).