The Trireme Rowing Club

Doug Lindsay and Andrew Ruddle are still interested in forming a group to encourage on-the-water activity between sea trials. Doug has experience in traditional wooden craft like gigs and cutters, and Andrew has connections with what he calls the 'ARA Rowing' world. They wish to develop fixed seat rowing as a skill, creating a permanent pool of skilled and experienced oarspeople for Olympias, as well as encouraging ARA competition.

For a first step, they suggest that a Trireme Rowing Club could be set up, as a `flag' for oarspeople to row under on a scratch basis at any sort of race or regatta (The name has been approved by the ARA for racing). If there was enough interest, it may well be possible to find a permanent base; this would, they guess, be somewhere between Reading and Putney as a geographical average of where most of our crews are based, but they are open to suggestions. Branches in other areas of active support would also be encouraged, and trips to specialised rowing facilities.

If you're even the SLIGHTEST bit interested, please contact either Doug Lindsay or Andrew Ruddle.